7 Questions to Ask Yourself - 1st AIIM Recruiting

7 Questions when searching for a new JOB!

The 7 Questions to ask yourself when searching for a new career opportunity

By asking yourself a few simple questions at the very start of the interviewing process, you can save yourself and your Recruitment Consultant A LOT of time by avoiding opportunities that will never turn into anything except wasted time.

1. Do you have any interest at all in the company, product or market?

2. Are you genuinely excited about the actual job?

3. Can you handle the commute?

4. Do you genuinely believe in the management team?

5. Does the company really know what they want?

6. If you were doing the hiring, would you hire yourself for the position?

7. Is the compensation in the range of what you are looking to earn?

Before committing to an in-person interview, ask yourself these 7 questions first. And save yourself and your Agent the time and headache of pursuing opportunities that will lead nowhere.