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Total office solution - 1st aiim group.

End to end business solutions.

1st aiim group has pulled out all the stops to assure that we can deliver a real end to end service. With in the 1st aiim group we have different business units dealing with all the aspects we specialise in, but that was not good enough, we needed to cover the total office solution sector. So we went out and found the right affiliates to cover your every office solution need.


1st aiim solutions

1st aiim solutions offer products in the following disciplines:

Media Asset Management
Document Management
Scanner Solutions
Video Indexing Solutions
Taxonomy Design & Training
Optical Mark Recognition Solutions
Form Handling Solutions
Packing & Sealing Office Solutions

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1st aiim recruiting

1st aiim recruiting specialize in the recruitment of personnel for the Information Technology, Finance, Engineering, Health Care and Legal Sectors.

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Knowledge Focus
Knowledge Focus market a range of products to help customers manage their information assets. Knowledge Focus support and serve organisations that have a need to retrieve information (knowledge) with accuracy and speed. In short, Knowledge Focus are able to assist any organization that has problems finding their information.

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OfficeIT started off as one of the first fax 2 email service providers in South Africa. With a rapid growing customer base OfficeITs customers soon needed more than just a fax 2 email service. With the expertise and experience of their staff OfficeIT endeavoured on a route of applying all that knowledge on specific telecommunications areas. OfficeIT now supplies specific telecoms product with the focus on office automation. Products include:

Fax 2 Email
PC 2 Fax
Fax 2 Web
Bulk SMS
Premi Cells
Virtual Business Center Software

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