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Company Profile

AIIM - IT Products

AIIM represents suppliers who’s products enable organizations to capture and manage their information to support the business processes and preserve knowledge.

AIIM is a new startup company in the ICT sector and has identified an opportunity in the market to provide companies with a broad spectrum of information about our products, their implementation in organizations and to offer these products at a competitive price.

With the support of our suppliers and stakeholders we have a large pool of skills to tap into to offer advice and to support customers where necessary and to keep abreast of the changes in the Information Management market.

We offer products in the following disciplines:

Media Asset Management
Document Management
Scanner Solutions
Video Indexing Solutions
Taxonomy Design & Training

1st AIIM - Recruiting

1st AIIM Recruiting is a business unit of AIIM IT products. We have identified the need to supply skilled people to organizations that use our ICT products or services.

By offering skilled people and products to organizations we can help these organizations to make better use of their IT investment.

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