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Interview Tips

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Always arrive for an interview 15 – 20 minutes before your interview.  At some companies it is expected of you to complete documents beforehand.  When going to a large corporation it takes time for the interviewer to reach you or vice versa.

When meeting your interviewer…

A handshake tells a lot about a person and yours needs to be firm. A firm handshake means confidence and that in place, makes your interviewer confident about your abilities.  Keep eye contact with your interviewer.

Dress for success…

When getting ready for an interview, it is important to know the type of company you are going to and perhaps find out from your consultant beforehand what the dress code is for normal employees. This does not mean that should the employees wear flip flops and jeans to work, that you automatically do the same.
The Golden Rule in Dressing for an interview is always – rather OVER dress than UNDER dress. 
Do not use to much perfume or deodorant, and never BLING with jewellery like a Christmas tree. 
Always remember less is more.

Always wear a suit with a button up shirt and a tie. If it’s a hot summer’s day, you can always remove your jacket when entering the interview.
Your socks should always match your trousers. Don’t wear shocking colours.   Stay away from cartoon and bright colour ties.
You’re clothing should support your application, not draw attention away from it.

Always wear neat and tidy clothing, either in the form of a knee length skirt and jacket or trousers and a jacket.

NEVER wear a low cut top and never wear a short skirt- as with the guys, you want your clothing to compliment your career and achievements, not draw attention away from it.

ALWAYS ensure that…
Your cloths are ironed and clean.
You smell good (cigarette smoke and others create unfavourable reasons for remembrance)

Points to ponder about:

    • Know your resume – know the companies and the dates that you worked at that particular company
    • Leave your handbag/man bag in your car. It’s good to have your hands available to greet someone without a problem and it ensures that you don’t have a cell phone with you that could potentially go off in the interview.
    • It creates an atmosphere of efficiency when you don’t have things that you need to grab and sling over your shoulder when you are shown to the interview area.
    • The only thing you should have with you is perhaps a portfolio or laptop to do a presentation with. Oh, and your car keys safely tucked in your pocket.