Why 1st AIIM Recruiting ?    Finding the perfect match between candidate and employer

At 1st AIIM Recruiting we strive to be more than just another recruitment agency.
We find the perfect match between candidate and employer. Learn More

Our Process

All the processes in 1st AIIM Recruiting were designed with one thing in mind: Finding the perfect match between candidate and employer!

At 1st AIIM Recruiting, we start by collecting all relevant information on the client and the available employment opportunity.
Secondly we locate, contact and evaluate potential candidates. Our goal for each employment opportunity is to present at least three to five qualified and eager candidates.

We conduct a face to face interview with our candidates to verify if that candidate is a suitable match for the position.

For each of these candidates we create our exclusive candidate profile, which includes a detailed report of the candidate’s background, qualification and achievements.
Qualified candidates will then be invited for an introductory interview with the client. This provides opportunity for the client and candidate to evaluate the culture fit, work environment and specific skills required for the available position.

Finally, once the client displays a strong interest in a particular candidate, we provide the reference information. This information reflects the background checks done with at least two previous employers. This gives the client an all-encompassing picture of the candidates’ expected work style, personality and competency.


    • We work accordingly to the following terms and conditions
      We do not participate in resume races!
      Our candidates are not presented to our clients unless there is mutual interest and a simple search agreement is obtained.
      We respect our candidates’ need for confidentiality and go to the utmost extreme in protecting their privacy. Therefore, candidate information is never presented to any of our clients without their consent and prior notification of the client company name and what the position entails.
      We do not pouch candidates from our clients once the guarantee period is over.
      Salary expectations might change since submitting a CV, getting feedback and the initial interview.  We will notify our client once this comes under our attention.
      We offer a 90 day guarantee period to all our clients.