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Our Vision is to put your Vision 1st.

How WE work

1st aiim recruiting's vision is to put your company's vision 1st. We are here to help you and this is how we work.

We'll connect you with a specialist.
1st aiim recruiting has a team consisting of well-connected specialized recruiters. This ensures that you work with a professional who understands your industry, your market, your unique requirements and the issues you face every day.

We search deep.
Using an advanced search model, we source from a vast pool of highly talented candidates. Updated daily, our database contains literally thousands of applicants, allowing us to support your requirements.

We know the right people.
We know people. We know where people have worked. We know what companies they work for now and we know what the right candidate has achieved. This people knowledge, combined with insights into the inner workings of specific industries, allow us to open up a world of possibilities to shortlist only the best candidates.

We look for the skills and probe beyond the obvious.
We start by screening candidates against client-approved criteria for skills and experience. We evaluate how the candidates have demonstrated commitment, ambition, trustworthiness and passion throughout their careers.

Ultimately, we believe that action speaks louder than words and once you have a 1st aiim candidate in front of you, your decision on whether or not to offer him or her employment will be based on little more than chemistry.


So take aim and put 1st aiim recruiting, 1st for your resource needs.



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