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As a candidate with 1st AIIM Recruiting, we will go out of our way to match your skills and future career prospects with a suitable employer.

Today, many people are looking for employment which will allow them to balance their “work life” with a flexible personal lifestyle. This is now more true, than ever before as companies are offering employment (instead of jobs) to attract highly skilled and entrepreneurial type people to help them grow their businesses.

Employment opportunities are becoming readily available in
the “temporary contract” and “permanent employment” markets.
With our guidance and your commitment, this is achievable through:

  An understanding of your own capabilities and skills.
. .Understanding the skills behind your past achievements and the
. .skills needed to change career direction or progress within your
. .chosen career path.

  Marketing yourself positively - confidence and self-belief are
. .key requirements for any successful candidate.

  Your CV – a well written CV will open the doors for an
. .interview. We will give constructive feedback if we feel that
. .your CV does not do you justice. Many people today are still
. .not sure how to prepare an effective CV.

Preparing for and attending the interview – preparation is the key to any success. 90% of all interview decisions are made within the first 90 seconds.

As recruitment consultants, we are here to help you with the whole process; ultimately enabling us to realistically position you within today’s job market, whilst helping you to find that rewarding position or career within our extensive client base.

1st AIIM Recruitment will help you find the job that will give you the satisfaction you deserve. We specialise in the ICT (IT), Healthcare, Legal & Office Admin Sector. Give 1st AIIM Recruiting a call today and let US link your future to your career.
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