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There is something stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.

So who is the 1st aiim group

1st aiim (1st in Africa Information & Image Management) is a young, vibrant company that saw a gap in the market and took it.

At 1st aiim we do not believe in the old conventional boardroom style business. We believe that action speaks louder than words, the boss must be one of the co-workers and that money motivates. The rest automatically falls into place, including the peace of mind and satisfaction of the clients dealing with us.

Knowledge Focus (Pty) Ltd., our sister company, required someone with expertise to take over the scanner & office solutions business unit. One of our directors got the chance to do this and it did not take long to realize the potential. The business unit was bought and 1st aiim was born.

Soon it was clear that our clients needed more than just hardware and software. There was a big demand for qualified human capital and so the 1st aiim group came to existence.
Two business units were formed namely 1st aiim solutions (Hardware and Software Office Solutions) and 1st aiim recruiting (Personnel Recruitment).


1st aiim solutions

1st aiim solutions represents suppliers whose products enable organizations to capture and manage their information to support the business processes and preserve knowledge.

1st aiim solutions is a fast growing company in the ICT sector and has identified an opportunity in the market to provide companies with a broad spectrum of information. This includes information about our products, their implementation in organizations, and to offer these products at competitive prices.

With the support of our suppliers and stakeholders, we have a large pool of skills to tap into to, advice to offer, and support to give to customers where necessary. We also advise our clients of the changes in the Information Management market.

1st aiim solutions offer products in the following disciplines:

Media Asset Management
Document Management
Scanner Solutions
Video Indexing Solutions
Taxonomy Design & Training
Optical Mark Recognition Solutions
Form Handling Solutions
Packing & Sealing Office Solutions

For more information on 1st aiim solutions - please visit


1st aiim recruiting

1st aiim recruiting has identified the need to supply skilled people to organizations who have recognised the value of having experts assist them in selecting their next best employee.

We pride ourselves in translating our clients’ personnel requirements into a workable and complete solution. Our value lie in the way we interpret our customer’s recruitment needs and from there, deliver qualified, culture fit, experienced and top class personnel.

We maintain a database with champion candidates. These champions are actively in the market, in various fields and industries. We specialize in the recruitment of personnel for the Information Technology, Finance, Engineering, Health Care and Legal Sectors.

A unique combination of professionalism, delivery excellence and unmatched recruiting knowledge has made 1st aiim recruiting the preferred provider of qualified and skilled personnel to a vast range of leading corporations.

We have a passionate team of experienced consultants. To us, what we do is not work; it is having fun. Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. That is 1st aiim recruiting.


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