Job Honesty

Honesty is the best policy!

Why honesty is the best policy – a recruiters point of view.

So we all would like to look and sound the best when seeking new employment.

We are excellent sales people when it comes to selling ourselves in to a new vacancy. The trouble is, with the job market being what it is; many may be desperate enough to lie to recruiters or possible employers just to get in.

As a recruiter I cannot emphasize enough how important honesty is.  Not just for us dealing with candidates and clients, but in the work place in general.

Honesty is an important foundation for the professional success of an individual or a company. A work relationship that is forged in a dishonest way might be met with short-term success, which is often the motivation for further dishonesty and unethical practices.

Trust between co-workers and between a business and its customers  is essential for creating a healthy business environment. People who are consistently honest in their dealings with others develop an ongoing trust because people believe that they are worthy of that trust. Dishonesty that is discovered by others, and in my case by our clients, can have consequences far beyond the importance of a particular lie, because they will then question everything that the person has said.

Doing business  in a dishonest manner, even if it is never discovered by others and doesn’t lead to professional problems, results in a loss of personal integrity. People who are dishonest know that they are dishonest even if nobody else does, and this knowledge has an impact on a person’s self-image. It might not be easy to be consistently honest, particularly in sticky ethical situations or when you have made a mistake, but dealing with situations honestly rather than trying to cover them up helps you to keep an image of yourself as an honest and worthwhile person.

Professional success that is the result of honest work is much more secure than success that has come about because of dishonest means. People who have used illegal methods to achieve their success must live in constant fear that they will be discovered, resulting not only in public criticism but also the possibility of legal penalties. A person who is discovered to be dishonest will have difficulty rebuilding his success, even if he has changed his ways, because other people will be hesitant to do business with him and will be unwilling to trust him.

In short, being honest may take you the long way round but will bring greater job satisfaction and long term success.

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