Finding the perfect match between candidate and employer

At 1st AIIM Recruiting we strive to be more than just another recruitment agency. We find the perfect match between candidate and employer

Why use 1st AIIM Recruiting

At 1st AIIM Recruiting we fill the gap between those offering employment and those seeking employment. It’s not about finding work for candidates and making a placement, it’s about “Linking your career with your future”!

Companies often do not have the capacity to give 100% attention to recruiting as it is not their primary focus in their business, but they need human capital to sustain and grow their core business interest.

So why not give that role to a company whose primary business is exactly that?

We take a personal interest in your company. Current clients would have been visited once or more and future clients can expect us to make an appointment to meet them once we have established a working relationship.

We strive to keep our clients up to date with all the developments of the recruitment process for every position.

You will never be buried in a mountain of CV’s for any position. We carefully source and select only those candidates who match your requirements the best.